BS0639 Fairtex My Fortune Black Muaythai Shorts


Train and compete in style and comfort with Fairtex authentic designs of Muaythai shorts.

Featuring the 8-strip elastic waistbands for maximum comfort and snug fit without restricting movement. With an inner drawstring.


Made in Thailand of satin material.

Part of the Deluxe Embroidery Collection.


Features Koi fish or carp fish in gold and silver colour in Yin/Yang position. According to Japanese legend if a koi succeeded in climbing the falls at a point called Dragon Gate on the Yellow River it would be transformed into a dragon. Based on that legend, it became a symbol of worldly aspiration and advancement. More generally, the Japanese associate koi (also known as carp) with perseverance in adversity and strength of purpose. Because of its strength and determination to overcome obstacles, it stands for courage and the ability to attain high goals. Others say it means good fortune or luck.



  • Top grade satin
  • High quality craftsmanship
  • Inner drawstring
  • Handmade in Thailand

Fairtex BS0639 Muay Thai Shorts (Black)

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